My New Love Of My Life.

Having grown up in this country I love, the USA.  I grew up eating all of the wonderful processed foods and have always had a massive sweet tooth.  Addicted to candy and soda, my doctor has finally decided to let me know that I need to lose weight!  I am not totally overweight.  I am what you would probibly call someone on the verge.  If I don't do something soon I will soon be included in the quickly growing group of overweight people in our country.  I was first of all embarrased and then second of all scared that I could not do it.  I have always had an addictive personality, i can honestly say that I was totally addicted to soda and candy.  In my quest to still eat satisfying foods and feed my cravings for sweet I found honey.  Not just any honey I found raw creamy wildflower honey.  I love this honey.  I have included it in my daily diet and it helps significantly reduce my need for sugar and it is a 100% natural way to help my cravings.  I found this site that has several different flavors that I am dying to try.  As I said I have tried the wildflower and the creamy wildflower, yum. Next I am going to get the orangeblossom honey.  I am excited about incorporating honey more in my diet not only because it tastes good but because it is so good for you.  My next recipe is going to be a homemade granola with my new found favorite honey.  So I am on my way, I am not going to go down the road of becoming one of those obese people.  I am going to get a handle on this and move forward so that I can have a good life.

lorysanchez lorysanchez
Feb 23, 2010