The Death Of A Hoodie

My favourite hoodie died.
My favourite hoodie did die!

It’s black and monkish and made out of some polynylon fibre that’s probably not eco-friendly, but it was sweatshop cheap and made me feel safe, as I’ve written elsewhere here.  Zip related terminal illness. 

I went looking for a replacement but they were all so ostentatious.

Today I took a needle and long piece of blue woollen thread and sewed it up tight.  I’m not a seamless seamstress but it seems to be holding together so far.  I might not be able to wear it for formal dinner parties anymore but it’s keeping February off the back of my neck.
CrookedMan CrookedMan
2 Responses Feb 12, 2012

It's not old, 4 years? It's just not well made. I have older,cotton ones but they're not so comfortable. Now I've healed it, and as long as I don't put any more hot rock burns in it (or even if I do), it'll probably outlive me.

So, how long have you had this hoodie?<br />
I ask because at some point in history, hoodies were called sweatshirts.<br />
I 've always wondered why the name change.<br />
<br />
The sewing job was smart thinking.