I Feel Like I Am Safe When I Wear My Hoodie

Ok so here it is.Some people say its an addiction because I hardly ever go out without my hoodie .I have like maybe 7 or 8 and i tent to wear them anywhere and anytime.Sometimes the sun is so hot and their my friends are all in vest and skirts and their I am in a hoodie but I guess I have gotten so accustom to the heat in them I never really feel warm again in them.I hate when my mum tries to make me wear something other than a hoodie.I am really shy and introverted so when ever I am at a place and feel very nervous or their are to much people I tent to pull my hoodie over my head and it helps alot.I hate when people throw comments to me like stop wearing a hoodie your not a boy and stuff but I cannot help it.Ok I admit I may be insecure but I just cannot go without my hoodie.I never go out if aall my hoodies are washing or something its like I would be leaving home without my nose.It's become a part of me .I am not ashamed who ever hates the fact what can I say I live for me not you.
AngelStar100 AngelStar100
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2 Responses May 20, 2012


Same here ! I guess I have a hoodie addiction too! I hardly go anywhere without one of mine... ;d