How To Buy Hoodies

The hooded jackets and sweatshirts affectionately known as hoodies have become a fashion trend for everyone, regardless of age or sex. Put on a hoodie simply for warmth or make a statement by wearing a Bape or other name-brand hoodie. Follow these steps to buy hoodies to fit your style.

1. Decide who you're buying a hoodie for and what their wants and needs are. Your father may want a comfortable cotton sweatshirt with a hood, but your teen wants to wear popular hoodies with Gap, Abercrombie or American Eagle in blazing letters.

2. Consider whether to buy a zip-up hoodie or a pullover. People have strong preferences about this, so make certain you know if you're buying for someone else. Many younger people prefer pullovers, even if they do mess up the hair.

3. Make certain to consider safety when buying hoodies for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Due to choking accidents with the cord in the hood, many tot-size jackets now come cordless.

4. Check the weight and feel of the fabric. You can find lighter or heavy-weight hoodies. Touch the fabric inside. Although people wear a shirt underneath hooded jackets, some people find certain materials itchy.

5. Get a good fit across the shoulders. You don't want a tight feeling when you wear a bulky shirt underneath your jacket. Some people, especially adolescent boys, like a loose fit to their hoodie.

6. Experiment with the variety of hoodies in wild colors and prints. Mix and match with your wardrobe.

7. Set a price that you're comfortable paying. With some hoodies, you're paying more because of the name brand behind it.

Tips & Warnings
Mask hoodies that zip up over the face with eyeholes for sight are popular among young teens, but banned by many school districts. Don't buy these for ordinary wear.

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