I Used To Love Horror Movies...

I used to love horror movies when I was in high school but then I was a negative, fearful, sometimes suicidal kid too so what does that tell you? Maybe you dont believe in evil but I have absolutely no doubts in its existance. I stopped watching them when I came to know God because now I see them for what they are. Out to bring fear, murder, and all kinds of garbage into an already messed up world. I work with the developmentally disabled and a couple of the guys were very very into these kinds of movies. One then the other stopped coming to the program and I asked what happened. The answer, they started hearing voices. One hears voices telling him to drink household cleaners etc. The other one told me one time that he pushed his mother down the stairs but didnt know why he did it. I can guess why.
victoralways victoralways
46-50, F
Oct 9, 2011