When The Lights Go Out, Its Time For Another Scary Movie

I think it was maybe my upbringing as a child, my mother always let us watch horror and scifi movies with her, but now i am a horror movie fanatic!
Alien(1978) by far was the most mind altering experience i had as a kid, to this day its still my favorite. Everyday i channel surf and only stop if i see an alien head, a demons' body, or a ghostly shape. My fixation on it cant be healthy for my  depression, but i gravitate towards it like i need another fix. I have seen every Halloween in the franchise ever made, Rob Zombies' take on it was by far the most authentic. I cant stay away from ZOMBIES either, i need a shot of that for  breakfast every morning it seems like. It would take a week to list all of the horror movies i have seen but here are a few,  The Happening, The Sixth Sense, Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Alien Resurrection, AVP, AVP: Requiem, The Crazies, every Nightmare on Elm Street ever made, every Friday the 13th ever made, Hellraiser I.II.III  ,  The Grudge, The Ring, it just goes on and on...... If you're obsessed like me and like to talk about it im here, watching scariest places on earth right now lol.
ck0705 ck0705
26-30, F
Jul 28, 2010