Tingles Up And Down My Spine...

The first horror movie I ever saw was Amityville Horror. I was eight at the time, and didn't have much parental supervision. I was all alone, frightened, could barely watch or catch my breath...I loved it!
There's something about sitting in a dark room, watching something that gives me the shivers all over.
The Exorcist, The Shining, anything by Hitchcock...my husband gets a kick out of my fascination with this stuff. He wonders why I even watch when I seem to be visibly upset. Fingers hooked into the couch cushions, biting my lip, squeezing my eyes shut...but the adrenaline is addicting.
I like a movie that messes with your head and makes you feel slightly uncomfortable. It doesn't need to be gory, in fact, my favorite horror of all time is rated G. The Haunting. The original black and white version. I had nightmares.
But I like that for some reason...
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The same thing goes on for me. I don't remember which horror movie was my first, but i know that i like being scared. Sometimes, I laugh because it's overwhelming. I love to watch horror movies, it makes me excited and thrilled. When i was younger, my scariest time was when i had to go to sleep. I'd wait until sunrise. I'd like any horror movie if it'll make me scared, and thrilled.

Do you have a favorite horror movie?

The ring is another movie I watched alone. The funny thing is, the scariest part (to me, at least) was the videotape of all those disjointed images. The ladder and shadow, etc...yeah, I got scared. Never saw The Grudge. Worth it?

Hmmm... The camera work the same? Shaky? Because I felt slightly dizzy trying to watch Blair Witch Project.

I've been dying to see it...I need to get on that. Is it worth it?

It is a classic! They don't make horror movies like that anymore.

The Shining is the first horro mvie I can remember watching and that was as a young kid, very scarey. never forget the scene were he is getting off with that stunning woman then she turns into a hideous corpse or red rum written on the wall and he looks into the mirror.

haha i know what your talking about all the way. my first scary movie alone with out supervision was Chucky and i will never feel the same way about dolls again but it definatly started my obsession with the horror flicks. to be honest though for me the bloodier the better hence why my most favorite horror movie star is the zombie. No one kicks butt like the undead :D

I definitely will, thanks!

Hey I totally agree, I like the kind of horror movie that you walk away from and say what the hell did i just watch !! Its fun to be scared, but you are absolutely right on the fact that your adrenaline kicks in and you or want to watch more. My first horror movie was when I was 7-8 and it was a made for TV movie called the "Trilogy of Terror", the actress in that is one of my favs, she did a fantastic job, so if you haven't seen it please check it out, totally worth your time, trust me !!!!