I Love Horrow Films! :)

I really truly love horror films, it is one of my favorite film genres! :D

I haven't watched many horror films, but I have watched classics such as 'Nightmare on Elm Street' and 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' and think they are truly amazing, as they do not need too much gore in order to scare an audience!

I also love older horror movies such as 'The Haunting' released in 1963, me and my mum were watching this the other night and were laughing at the music because it was so funny and not quite scary haha!

Also there are other ones I loved such as 'REC' (the way it was filmed with the camera was quite clever) :)

But the best ones have to be psychological horros such as 'A Tale of Two Sisters' and other ones similar, because they are cleverly made and do not half play with your mind!

The horror film that really scared me for weeks was 'Haunting in Conneticut' because of the shower scene, it made me scared of the shower for weeks haha! :D

I am trying to find as many classic horror films to watch as possible, and my next few to buy is 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari' because I have heard really good reviews about it :)

Horror films are actually amazing and definitely one of the best genres of film :)

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Did you watch the new texas chainsaw?

I have always wanted to watch the original 'Psycho' but it is never on TV - but I will have to try extra hard to find it haha!! And thanks for commenting btw, Dr. Caligari doesn't sound too bad from what you have said :) and I know yeah, the bit with the chairs made of meat was horrible!

Sorry, I have just posted the same bit twice haha I'm such an idiot haha XD <br />
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I meant to say there that it is great to get absorbed in a good horro plot too, as I feel horror films have the best plots and the best twists too :)

I could not agree more! It is good to get a bit of a scare now and again haha! :) I could not agree more! It is good to get a bit of a scare now and again haha! :) <br />
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What are your favorite horror films? :) and thankyou for commenting :)

I really love horror movies as well, you cant always live with comedy, romance and action!

Totally agree! I have been watching a few Asian horror movies atm! I love the psychological horros more than the gory slasher horror films :) x

*horrors even haha xD x