How much blood would you shed to stay alive?

Back in October of 2004 I went to see “Saw” at the megaplex. The first word that came to mind…Twisted! I loved it. Saw is a fantastic thriller with violence and a little bit of gore, starring Leigh Whannell (co-writer of the script for this movie, and only the second time on screen as an actor), Cary Elwes (of “Princess Bride” fame), and Danny Glover. Directed by newcomer (and co-script writer) James Wan.

**Fair Warninig-Spoilers Ahead**

Very comparable to “7” or “Silence of the Lambs” as a thriller/horror movie which disturbs audience members on a couple of levels. A young man named Adam (Whannell) wakes to find himself chained to a rusty pipe inside a decrepit industrial bathroom. Chained to the opposite side of the room is another bewildered captive, Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Elwes). Between them is a dead man lying in a pool of blood, holding a .38 in one hand and a cassette recorder in the other. Neither man knows why he has been abducted; but there are instructions left on a micro cassette for each of them. All the good doctor has to do in order to survive, he's told, is figure out a way to kill Adam by 6 p.m.--a deadline seven and a half hours away. If he fails, his wife and daughter will be shot then both men will die.

Recalling a recent murder investigation by a police detective named Tapp (Glover), Dr. Gordon realizes he and Adam are the next victims of a psychopathic genius known only as "Jigsaw." With only a few hours left to spare, they must unravel the elaborate puzzle of their fate in the midst of mounting terror. The killer has provided them with only a few clues and two handsaws - too weak to break their steel shackles, but strong enough to cut through flesh and bone.

I read a lot of negative reviews spotting Elwes' sub-par performance, but I disagree. It think he was excellent opposite a virtual no-name carrying the plot believably along. Danny Glover was also spectacular as the obsessive detective bent on capturing the “Jigsaw” killer. Perhaps what happens is that some movie fans (and horror fans especially) go in with expectations that are set way too high. Keep in mind that this was a new film by for James Wan at that time and enjoy what was produced for your nightmarish pleasure.

The creepy music (done by Charlie Clouser) is a great accompaniment to the lighting effects and well-shot scenes. There must be mention of the grotesque clown-like doll that “Jigsaw” uses to instruct victims, very creepy and just evil looking enough to fit nicely into this film. If you have never seen it, don’t listen to too many reviews (which range from A+ to C-) just see the movie and let James Wan take you to a twisted place that’ll make your mind race!

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I love pretty much all the Saw movies, and yes that includes 5-7. In fact, everything from 5-7 are my favorites, but I suppose you have to really like the characters to make it enjoyable. The whole plot ties together shockingly well for a horror series, it's the best I have ever seen movie-wise, I'm not even joking. With the crap they come up with these days, Saw was incredibly refreshing to me...

Saw is definitely one of my favorites. It's one of those movies that keeps you guessing until the end. :)

Yeah I loved the set up. As for the sequels, I like parts 2 and 3. 4 was strange and I still have not seen the rest!!