Horror Movies When I Was A Kid, The Fog And A Kid On A Texas Road.

spent most of last night watching old horror movies, the ones i watched as a Kid. like Halloween, the Exorcist, Amityville horror. and then around 0200 hours I slapped in " the Fog". the joys of insomnia, I get to watch movies late LOL. anyway. I sat there listening to the Intro monologue by John houseman and the background music and how it meshed with the scene, and the timing of the delivery. and realized few modern horror movies have any clue how effective subtleness and music can be in a movie. how the monster or killer seems more horrific when barely seen till towards the end of a movie. These days its all in your face, CGI overload to compensate for crappy scripts and worse directing.

but I digress LOL. I think i was 12 or 13 when The Fog came out, and i went with a friend to see it at a theater an hour and a half away. I lived large town of 169 people that didnt have room for a Theater LOL. so we get back from the movie and i spent maybe an hour at my friends house talking about the movie before walking the mile home.

so out the door I go into the Texas night. and find, the rarest creature in all of Texas, except maybe on the coast. Fog, and not just a thin fog, but a thick fog, the kind of Fog You see in movies about Maine LOL. Pea soup kind of fog. get the idea.

so not wanting to seem like a chicken, how many times have I broken bones or gotten hurt due to that reasoning is a question for later LOL so off I went. walking down the gravel road, every scuff of my shoe loud in the silence. the fog clung to everything. dark and foggy , and one lone idiot kid walking home on a long country road.

so as i walk I begin to hear a clanking noise, and its getting louder slowly. just like in the movie I saw. but hey i thought the fogs not glowing so we are good to go. so on I trudge my head on a swivel for stray dead guys with loading hooks or hand scythes. cant say how far i had walked after the clanking started, but I started to notice that the fog was getting lighter, not just lighter but brighter. it was starting to glow. so now My testicles are ready to leap up and throttle my brain for placing them on the same road with me and ticked off dead guys and i started to run, and the fog is getting brighter. and then a horn honks, my bladder almost lets go, the cow that had been following me along the fence lines moo's and I find that not only am I total idiot but its my friends mom who went looking for me to make sure i didnt get lost and made it home LOL.

at least I hadnt seen Grizzly that night, I might have been mauled before she came along.
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Great story....Lol.<br />
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I will never forget Adrienne Barbeau as Antonio Bay's night time DJ Stevie Wayne! It was indeed creepier than today's genre.

yes Adrienna Barbeau was the bomb back in the day LOL. she married John Carpenter by the way.