Appreciate Them If They Are Well Done.

I love a good horror movie. Not the cheesy all boobs and blood ones, but the good well-thought out ones. Saw one last night that I thought would suck, but it was good due to the originality. It's called: "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark." Katy Holmes and Guy Pierce star in it and it's really different. If you like horror movies, give this one a looky-loo. Insidious is good too and it's fairly original comparatively to some of the horse pucky that they're throwing at us these days.
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6 Responses Jan 10, 2012

It wasn't bad, but I prefer the original 1973 version.

A good horror I hard to find. If you want something a bit different watch 'The Woman'. It's so unexpected, an could be seen as a terrible movie, but I personally thought it was excellent and very original!

There are boobs, just so you know, considering that's a red flag for you. However, they're not on blond pretty girls who have been round every fella in school. It's a bit messed up.

Yep wish they would do a sequal

It's about the tooth fairy

Have you seen ''When Darkness Falls''

i agree i've always like scary movies but i am always having a hard time finding one that i like and can say "this is a real horror movie" alot of movies now a days suck big time lol. i'll definitely take a look at that movie you've recommended.

lol. thnx:)