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Great Genre

I love to watch movies, a wide genre of them too. One of my favorite type of movies is of course horror. While I haven't really had a horror movie that has ever scared me, besides IT when I was little, that movie is mad creepy when you're young, I do love the story lines and the cool badass deaths that occur during them. Gore doesn't really bother me either. While some movies can go overboard with them and ruin the movie, for the most part I feel that the gore also adds a big crucial element. Horror movies have even managed to inspire me in some of my writing to create a story of my own, which I have a had a few ideas regarding. I will never get sick of horror movies and with the new technology being created bringing movies even more to life, my love for them will only grow.
Kneth55 Kneth55 22-25, M 1 Response Jun 2, 2012

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Absolutely. I totally agree with you. I hope you keep writing, the horror fiction genre needs to grow. I've loved horror movies since I was really young. First horror movie that I could remember falling in love was; was "The Nightmare on Elm St." The part that really got me was the death of Tina. All genre of horror flicks are awesome, including the gore films. I agree with the overload of gore sometimes, can ruin the plot.

Thank you, I have a few ideas for horror plots but I'm currently focusing on a different novel right now. That was a great movie, my first horror movie was the first halloween.