Black Sheep

I just watched Black Sheep. It's the kind of funny horror with sock puppets that I love. I've loved all the movies by those N.Z. guys that I've seen so far, but this one had proper production it was really nice to see they finally got a budget, lol.
Well I've been saving this DVD for six months now, saving it for when I'd have someone to share it with; but in all that time I've not had the chance to watch a movie with anyone so tonight I finally gave in and watched it on my own. I still laughed I guess.

TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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1 Response Jun 16, 2012

hahah I ******* LOVE that film and the bit with the zippo lighter at the end.. and when he gets ******* LOL i love it! :P lol

Hey no spoilers!!! lol. Haha yes I loved those bits too.. but just all the silly sock puppet sheep attacking people were just great, I can tell they had a lottt of fun making that film. =) *gets you with sock puppet sheep* Grr! argh! argh! grr!

ahhh LOL were-sheep brillliant idea though huh?

Yes haha I always thought sheep were a bit evil, they have weird eyes. lmao. =P