The Throwing Ghost

Well, this is a complete true story…It happened to me.Well I’m a 13 year old young girl. Well my 3 friends were spending the night at my house because me were going to ConeyIsland the next day.So we are not the like most teenage girls these days.We were playing with a Ouija board that night.Then we began to fall asleep, but then a pen was throw at my friend Alyssa.She throw it at my friend because shes always doing stuff like that.So she throw it back at Alyssa.Then Alyssa throw it onto the Ouija board.Not meaning to.Then about 3 or 4 minutes later the pen as thrown at my friends head and it bounced and hit my eye.Then we noticed that none moved because me were huddled together when the pen hit me and my other friend.Then we began to get very scared.

Next, we broke the pen and throw it out the window.Then we leaning up against my bedroom door. My dresser was next to us and when we though it was over, a glow stick was thrown.We got really scared.So we tested it to see if it was a fake.We sat it in the middle of the floor and watched it.Then my friend said something very funny and we looked away.When we looked back….It was gone.We moved covers and everything to see where it was.But it was gone..Then a little fake penguin was thrown right at my head.Then I cried a little.We stayed up all night and then the next morning everything was fine….Creepy!
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1 Response Aug 20, 2012

It was me behind the fake penguin lol