The Real Thing!

I love horror movies- not the stupid, wanna-be scary ones- the real stuff that makes u so scared u have to sleep with all the lights on.

I'm such a scary cat that someone has to sit next to me:) but that doesn't stop me from looking at them.

Candita Candita
22-25, F
7 Responses May 8, 2007

i love scary/horror films too would sit in pitch black alone watching them, it even better in a strange house. not seen a real proper scary one in ages though

yes pacman all horror movies seem the same. How many zombie movies are there, now we have torture ****, Saw series, Hostel series. Slasher movies were a big deal, A group of unlikable teens, out parting, doing stupid things, getting killed,YAWN.

Yes I agree with you all the scary movies are the same.I like the ones that make you jump and sleep with the lights on.Those are the classics that are number 1 in my book

It seems that many of today's horror movies are the same.

I think that there is a new one coming out this Friday.....Friday the 13th by the way. I like all scary movies. Especially the ones with subtitles because that is the only way I will sit still long enough to watch a movie. The Asian are the best!!!!

boo! ...scared?

hahahahaha. awesome. and, also, kinda illogical.