When My Eyes Are Closed

This i something I wrote a long time ago, and would like to re-share it again.

Where are you? The one I see. The one in my mind. I see you there, walking beside me, the one with out a face, but I see you.When I close my eyes I imagine you there, I feel you there, I see you there. Soo close to me, I feel happy for a while inside your arms. Where are you, the one I see. I open my eyes and you disappear.In my mind I know you're there waiting for me to close my eyes again. In my mind, I see us clear as day; it's dark, but nice. I hear the sound of the ocean roaring, and the waves crashing into each other. I feel no shoes on my feet , i feel the sand between my toes, and my hand in your hand, were just walking. We love to walk. Where are we going? is our house near here? Are we just hanging out by the sea at night? I don't know nor do I really care, I just know that in this moment i feel so happy so good words cannot describe. When I close my eyes I escape the emptiness I sometimes feel inside. When I close my eyes,...I.......I.......Sometimes I wish they would stay shut, sometimes I wish they would stay closed forever. when I close my eyes I see you there and all my problems seem to disappear. I cant see your face but I know you're there. Who are you? where are you? when will we keep our night that I see when I close my eyes? The sea that I hear, the no shoes on my feet, the sand between my toes, my hand in your hand. Sitting quietly, peacefully together. no more worries, no care in the world. everything is peaceful when I close my eyes......................... EEGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! EEGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! EEGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! EEGGGH!!!DAMNIT! ****! ****! ***-CLOWN ******!!! iM NOT READY TO WAKE UP YET!!!!.......Hit the snooze button and close my eyes again.
amimichal84 amimichal84
26-30, F
Dec 2, 2012