Diverse Themes

The last time I sat with Olivier in a darkened salon to watch a horror movie was a few weeks ago now, and it was a movie with the actor Vincent Price as a nobleman who lived in an Italian castle and preyed on his neighbours. It was called 'The Red Death' I think.

I remember it because we were slouched down on his parents' sofa (they were both at work), it was daytime but we were sitting in the dark, and he was burning a joss stick (incence) with a pungeant scent (patchouli). We were sitting close together, and I remember I was wearing a black satin bustier, with laces at the back (which was a little uncomfortable to slouch lounge in) with an asymmetrical black lace skirt (not a petticoat) which his sister had given me (I think she said she actually made it for me!).

I also wore high leg leather lace up stack-heeled boots over fishnets, which he was playing with as we watched Vincent Price. After a time, though, Olivier went further up my leg with his fingertips, to find the lace fabric of the g-string I was wearing additionally.

Olivier true to form let his fingers invade the side of my string, and he said I let out an audible gasp, despite looking fixed on the movie. It was the impetus to his following action of kneeling before me, and opening my legs a little further so he could 'do homage' to my *****!

I wonder when we will sit alone to watch another classic movie.
ToiledAraignee ToiledAraignee
22-25, F
Dec 8, 2012