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Getting Scared ...

I remember the first real scarey movie to me was Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. Followed later by John Carpenter's The Thing. I went running into my bedroom when I saw the dog's head split open. I didn't come out. I was worried that it would happen to our dogs too. lol.

Fast Forwarding to High School it sealed the deal with The Exocrist whichever one had the great George C. Scott. That one freaked me out. Then many years later, here I am a mom, I just remember the movie being an older brother having to babysit his little brother. They were being chased or haunted by something in the basement etc of the house some dark and sinister force. It was a good movie.

The Sixth Sense didn't really scare me. Neither did the The Blair Witch Project. lol.

I love horror movies though. When the director tells his story of darkness and sends his players through the story he has to weave on the big screen without making it too gorey without making it too bloody.. now that's a good story. It's not about the gore.. it's the story.

I think that's why I like cloverfield so much. lol

I think that's talent when a director doesn't have to make it so bloody it's gallons of blood pouring from the human body. ( Johnny Depp's body in Nightmare more on Elm Street). Or gorey like Saw and Hostel.

favestril favestril 41-45, F 1 Response Dec 31, 2012

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can you watch a horror movie in the night alone with a coffin next to you

yep. I'm sure I could. ;)