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Oh The Suspense

I love horror movies, absolutely. They keep me on the edge of my seat & i love having the **** scared of me haha. This genre to be, well besides Action or Sci-fi has the best graphic's, cinematography wise. Some of favorite's include Psycho, Silent Hill, Trick R Treat, Underworld, The Silence of the Lambs, Sixth Sense, 28 Weeks Later, It, The Orphanage, Final Destination 3, The Crazies, P2, Sweeney Todd, Cabin in the Woods ( for all the monster's involved ) , Jeeper's Creeper's, Insidious & Mama most recently. The one's that have complicated, mysterious story lines are most intriguing to me when the story unravels slowly before the victim's awareness; how the fear builds up in the character's, how stupid they react or go towards a strange noise by them self willingly against prior knowledge of the danger they face (without a useful weapon i'm hinting here). How the scenes become more and more intense as the entity grows over time, especially if provoked, the death's slow & torturous or quick and senseless, the gore...bloody so repulsive and in excess or minor and the facial movements you're left to witness in sheer distraught. I may sound like a freak but this is just how i see it when i observe on the t.v, theatre or laptop through the movie itself. I get very engaged, it seems however today that this genre of films lack to totally leave you numb and all jumpy inside, it's almost turning into comedy, which bother's me i want the full effect not half what's the point!?. I didn't watch Paranormal Activity 4 just cause i got sick of it and i started to get nightmare's so no thank you done with those, the kitchen scene oh my gosh will never forget. But another that did it effectively, that left me frightened and spooked was Grave Encounter's, highly disturbing i don't advise watching this in the dark. I was like holy ****. This adrenaline rush you get when you anticipate what will happen next, even more stomach churning is the music that leads up to it, sets the moods & then BAM! you're face to face with the creepy, possibly unknown, sinister, pure evil subject.
livelymind livelymind 18-21, F 2 Responses Feb 2, 2013

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28 days later is one of my favorites. Instant classic!

if you haven't seen it, you should watch REC, and REC 2

No not familiar, will make note thx for recommending!