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Similar Taste....

i like ju-on,ravenous,the blair witch project,shutter(thai),sauna,isolation,whispering corridors,kill list,dead end,possession,high tension,Gin gwai,Antarctic Journal,...i am mostly into foreign movies because most of the western movies are so predictable and repetitive...last movie which was any good was sinister....if you have a similar taste add me
anotherclone anotherclone 31-35, M 1 Response Feb 16, 2013

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Ravenous is my alltime favourite movie!'s not that famous, but it's something, the scenery...there is something about that film that touches should try watching van dieman's land....

Yeah I think with the soundtrack of Ravenous it totally adds another dimension to the film. It was done so well and the acting by Robert Carlisle was brilliantly creepy. I loved Guy Pearce in it too. It was different, it told a story and the subject matter is not a popular one as seen in many other horror movies.

I will check out van die man's land, haven't seen that one :)

i loved guy pearce after that movie..i like odd movies where you can't expect anything and a bit realistic or less flashy...chk my fav movies in my profile and recommend me some...