Any horror movies recommendation ? I am pretty much out of movies since I saw almost all of them and yet I hope that there is still an unfounded pearl waiting to be seen *-*
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Just watched the babadook. Not bad. Poor ending tho

Saw it not so long ago and must agree about the ending :)

Ghost encounters, wolf creek, hitchhiker (sean bean), rec

I believe I should give points to people who manage to find movies I didn't saw lol

wolf creek

I feel like I saw it but not sure o.O

Insidious, the conjuring, mirror, warm bodies,last missed call. . . Etc. Pls watch them!!..

Already saw them all :/

I personally found "Eden Lake" to be pretty messed up. Left me feeling pretty disturbed lol.
Have you seen it?

I saw it a long time ago so I might in fact watch it again since I barely remember it ^^

There are a few B movies I have seen in the past that are horror movies which surprised me. Can't think of their titles at this moment as that's why they are B movies. I reckon all the horror ones I've seen you may well have seen, depending how far back you go. Google will give you a pretty good list of all of them and you could check their reviews and try any you have not seen. IMDB is also a very useful source.

The conjuring. Drag me to hell.

watch Mirrors.

Sinister is really good

Are you more of a classical horror type gal or do you lime that crappy new age **** like paranormal activity?

That's not a scary movie but I agree 100%. I adore Quentin Tarantino movies!

Really sick movies...!!! But I admire the ideas.

Some of them are not too gross. Like the big lebowski isn't too graphic.

I recently watched The Skeleton Key on Netflix and I thought it was pretty good! It is more mystery than horror but I really enjoyed it! I love watching scary/horror/dark movies! My favorite so far is Pan's Labyrinth!

The Grudge, 11 11 11 , Case 39, Insidious

Saw all except case 39 and it looks pretty interesting thank youuuu ;)


if you're a fan of horror movies, then I'd really recommend 'cabin in the woods'... It's a good movie if you don't usually watch horror, but a great movie if you do.. Really likes to mess with horror cliches, which you'll only get if you like the genre...

Chris hemsworth GAH. But dat ending doh

Lol, yeah, the whole movie was all about the ending :)

Unfortunately saw it already :) sometime I wish I could just erase my memory so I could watch good movies again


The Haunted, Chronicle

Saw both they were pretty entertaining :)

Yes... The Notebook!! Scared the bejezuz out if me!! :(

13 sins. It's on netflix it's really different than your average movie and is really interesting and good

Saw it not so long ago , pretty cool !:)

Hmmm try the storm of the century it's a mini series like 6 hours long total but really good ha

Oh thank you ;) I will trust your word

Most people do :)

Turns out I saw it too :/

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The Orphanage is pretty good, and I'd recommend Pan's Labyrinth as well if you haven't seen it...

Have u seen house of wax?

Yeah :)


Lol hi there fella

Good nice wher r u from

the collection....pretty gory not so much horror

The Uninvited

Sinister (I) (2012)

Insidious 2

Saw it ^^

Insidious series
The conjuring
The changeling
The hills have eyes
Bram stokes Dracula
Deliver us from evil
Feel free ya ask for more I love horrors

And don't forget The Shining! The Descent was fun. Ghost Ship has a spectacular intro scene.

<p>I love The Others, Gothika, The Exorcist, candyman, original Night of the Living Dead.</p>

Mirrors is pretty good. Personally I don't think that it is a really scary movie but it it is good nonetheless.

Saw it , unfortunately :/ both parts

The Sphere

After I saw "American horror story (the series)" I couldn't see any other horror movie. Just got sick of it. Try it!

I'm one of those who wait for the new season , it's brilliant *-*

He he!

The Devil Rides Out

Grotesque. Only watch the trailer. Its really discusting

Is it Asians work ?

Yes. Its extremely horror

Otherwise try Final Destination

Damn Asians always make it disgusting and gory , yet sometimes with a good movie line ( no racism, go Asians !)

Ikr I almost trowed up 😂

And well I saw the ring , grudge and final destination all parts

Try saw or the wig (the wig is Asian)

I guess the wig it is !

Really? 😂😂😂

I have nothing else o_o

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