They Don't Call Me Monstermaster For Nothing - Well of course I love horror movies, in particular 80's and 90's era as well as 70's and classic Hammer Horror. I have a list of all of my favorite horror and supernatural movies from both the 80's and 90's.

80's Horror/Supernatural Films:

1. An American Werewolf In London.
2. Aliens.
3. The Fly.
4. The Dead Zone.
5. Poultergeist.
6. Child's Play.
7. Nightmare On Elm Street series.
8. Friday the 13th.
9. Fright Night.
10. Gremlins.
11. Killer Klowns From Outer Space.
12. The Howling.
13. The Hunger.
14. Critters.
15. The Stuff.
16. Monster Squad.
17. The Shining.
18. Return Of The Living Dead.
19. Evil Dead/Evil Dead II.
20. The Brain.
21. The Blob.
22. Company of Wolves.
23. Scanners.
24. Twilight Zone: The Movie.
23. Beetlejuice.
24. Christine.
25. Cat People.
26. Once Bitten.
27. Teen Wolf.
28. Dolls.
29. Creepshow.
30. Creepshow II.
31. Hellraiser.

Favorite 90's Horror/Supernatural films:

1. Sleepy Hollow.
2. Leprechaun series. (That Leprechaun sure has a knack for rhyming and with perfect timing. Hey! That rhymed. PS: I WANT ME GOLD!)
3. The Prophecy Trilogy. (Walken can shush me anytime.)
4. Nightbreed. (A very clever and unique horror movies.)
5. Army of Darkness. (Epicness in movie form.)
6. Bram Stoker’s Dracula. (Oh Gary Oldman, you can bite me anytime.)
7. Wolf. (Jack Nicholson is the PERFECT werewolf.)
8. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. (I think Robert DeNiro makes a very lovely version of the famous monster.)
9. Dellamorte Dellamore/Cemetery Man. (I love this one, it’s one of my personal favorites.)
10. Braindead. (Early Peter Jackson.)
11. Jacob's Ladder. (This movie will definitely have you thinking.)
12. It. (“Do you have Prince Albert in a can? You do, well you better let him out! Waha- wa-ha-wa-ha!”)
13. Tales from the Darkside: The Movie. (The gargoyle story is my favorite segment out of all of them though.)
14. Trance/The Eternal/Kiss Of The Mummy. (Christopher Walken and an ancient Irish mummy who can take on the form of the main heroine. Nuff said.)
15. Child's Play 2. (Chucky at his absolute best.)
16. The Mummy. (Badass Brendan Fraser.)
17. From Dusk Til Dawn. (The second coolest vampire movie of that era.)
18. Candyman. (Tony Todd is amazing as the title killer.)
19. Return Of The Living Dead sequels - especially part 3. (Julie Walker, you may be a zombie but you can eat MY brain anyday.)
20. Hellraiser sequels. (The original came out in the late 80’s but I love the franchise as a whole because of how creative Pinhead is when creating Cenobites.)
21. Gremlins II. ( *imitating Brain Gremlin* “Was that civilized? No, fun, but in no sense civilized. “)
22. The Witches. (Just had to put this on here simply because it's one of my all time favorites.)
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love this list!! i've watched almost all the ones i haven't i sure will now !

Ive seen a majority of these films with IT being my childhood terror. just reading this list brings back great and terrible memories :D you sir are awesome.