Another awesome horror movie: savaged

About a mute girl who got abused and killed.. Was resurrected and u know what she does next..

Simple story but great acting really got me :)

Try this :)))
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I prefer psychological horror instead of gory violent stuff myself. Nothing beats a well done haunted house movie.

Cool :))) can u share some?

Hmm...I have to think of some, they won't all be gems...I do like the found footage style movies too like paranormal activity, blair witch project etc.

Let's see...
The haunting in Connecticut (my home state!)
The Conjuring

Anything else? Ive seen those movies..

Oh man, you are a real aficionado i see :P...I will have to think of some more.

My fav movies r rec, the descent and your next, also revenge movies :))) do u also like alien related movies? Also found footage type of movies

Ya know I haven't actually watched the rec movies, ive heard mixed things. As for found footage, some recent (lower budget) but solid ones are "alien abduction" and Europa Report. I also enjoyed "europa report" which was sort of a mix of classic sci fi and horror. I have always has a soft spot for exorcism movies and alien/ufo/abduction movies like the "the exorcism of emily rose" and "fourth kind". I did enjoy the descent.

Fourth kind is soooo awesome!!! But i didnt like the exorcism lol lots of remakes made me bored with the story lolol i love the first 2 rec movies but 3rd suc lololol try it

I just realized I suggested the same movie twice, one of those should be "afflicted".

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