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when I was younger I was absolutely terrified of horror movies.  I would never watch them.  I had snuck down stairs and watched part of one in the hallway that my mom and grandpa were watching and had nightmares for weeks and couldn't tell my mom.  I remember the scene so vividly and for years never knew what the movie was.  When I was about 25 I found out that it was Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  When my mom and I went to visit her friend we were to sleep in her teenage son's room.  Well, he was a huge horror movie fan and had a Jason mask and a Freddy glove hanging on his wall.  I refused to sleep in the room until those things were taken out of the house, not just the room, I thought they would come alive during the night and kill me LOL. The mind of a young child.  When I was about 13 or so I was at a sleep over and we watched Pet Semetary.  Scared the **** out of me and I loved it!  I began watching more and more horror movies, mostly during sleep overs and my love grew from there. The first DVDs I bought was The Nightmare on Elm Street box set.   Now I watch everything from the some really bad B movies to the mainstream ones.  I have become so desensitized to the genre I am on a quest to find a horror movie that scared me as much as those first few I watched.  It's kind of bad when you can leave the room and still know the exact moment someone will be killed just my the background sounds and music playing.  But, I still love the genre.

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31-35, F
Feb 13, 2010