In Love With The Classic's

I love the black and white horror movies, they are my favorite to watch. I am a monster fan so for me Dracula, Frankenstien, and The Wolfman are my favorite. They have done Dracula over and over, no one plays him as elegently as Bele Legosi did. I loved his charm and elegance. Franenstien has also been redone, some of the films are not to bad but you really can't beat Boris Karloff as that monster, I don't think anyone played him better. I loved Lon Chaney Jr, his Wolfman is so awesome. I own all three DVD's of the back and white versions.

The Wolfman released two weeks ago, I was curious if they stayed close to the original 1941 version. I wasn't disappointed. Since it was Universal that put out the first and Universal that put out this one I hoped it would be as good. They stuck pretty close to the original version, except in the 1941 version there isn't so much blood. I really enjoyed this verson of The Wolfman, then I am a fan of Anthony Hopkins.

I like vampire movies and I mean vampires (sorry I don't consider something that glitters in the light to be a vampire) my favorite would have to be Ann Rice's version of vampires. Elegant and graceful I loved how she wrote them. I have Interview on DVD, it to me is an ecellent movie they stayed pretty close to the Novel unlike Queen of the Damned which I own as well though I have only sat through it once. It was a bad version of two films not having to do with the Novel.

Also a fan of Godzilla the orignial one, and King Kong liked the remake of the old version, the one Peter Jackson did though I felt he made his Kong more menacing with all the scars. Horror movies are really great I colllect some of them, even horror anime can be scary.

Crina Crina
Feb 22, 2010