He Knew I Was That Kind Of Girl

i was walking in the park, he was an older man with a lab, i was shocked when the dog stuck his nose against me,,, but i was wet from fantasizing,,,,,, i followed him into a secluded spot and agreed to play with the lab, i never thought i would be so aroused that i would let him slip my jeans down to feel that k9 against me,, oh it was more than a feel,, that doggy knew i was ready and he took me,, with his paws on my hips and growling near my ear i froze
stacigreen99 stacigreen99
18-21, F
9 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Very hot

damn so hot

my wife enjoyed that too , although her height tand the dog's height didn't really match so it was quite a bit clumsy

ooooh **** yah n the way they thrust so hard n fast into u!

I suppose you would call this True Doggy Style, did the lab have a large **** and was it circumcised. Did you make the doggy wear a condom as you would not want to have pups, a litter of labs can be as large as 9 pups all needing breast feeding.

You are MY kind of girl... I should introduce you to Max. He's a ridge back and for a 2yo he's a BIG boy.when his red rocket slides out of his sheath it glistens in the light. It's pointy and sometimes leaks a bit.

as I sit in school thinking about this,,, I feel a need to make myself *** again

Oh damn that gave me a woody...wonderful

what a deliciously naughty, forbidden fantasy you crave staci.. love to hear more..