I Love Animals

I've always loved animals! When i was growing up in Montana i grew up with several different kinds of them! On the farm in Montana that i grew up on there were donkeys, cats, dogs, birds, snakes, rabbits, chickens, and cows. My favorite animal is a horse. Although i didn't grow up with them i know quit a bit about them. My mom like horses to, her passion for them will never be as great as mine though! I spent 4 years of my life in agonizing pain waiting for my mom to buy me one. Then i got my first horse named patches! i wrote a story about my first horse already. My second favorite animal is a Dog. My love for dogs grew when i got my first dog, kricket! He was a German Shepard mixed with a Rottweiler. It is a interesting  combination. Its a medium sized dog and he was very energetic When i started interacting with cats my love for them grew. ALOT. I rescued about 7 cats from shelters and 3 from an abandoned house! My love within me for other animals still comes around but mostly i love horses!:P

hrsegelding921 hrsegelding921
13-15, F
Feb 25, 2010