Power, Beauty, And Long Time Partner Of Man.

I may be a kid from the southern New England suburbs, but I have always loved nature.

Horses have always held a special fascination for me, though I've only had a few chances to ride or interact with them.

I now live just south of Orlando, FL, and there is this grassy pasture, complete with stables, in the middle of a business area.

On my way through town, I pass by this large piece of land, occasionally seeing horses standing at the fence, only a few feet from speeding cars.

A few years ago I saw the movie "Spirit," with music from Brian Adams. It was very inspirational for me, and showed horses in a wonderful light, I think.

They are beautiful loving creatures, and rather than restate well known facts, I'll let their own popularity speak for itself.

WisperKity WisperKity
26-30, M
Mar 1, 2010