Today Out Riding....

Woo Today i went horseback riding. Started out great then he spooked at a deer that was fine i got controle The rest of the ride was great but on the way back on the home streach my horse decided he wanted to go home.. it was up a little hill but it was kinda steep and he started to gallop. then the other guides cell phone went off and that spered her horse on. Tim the guide was not aware of this. and the horse started up the hill and i pulled his rains and the horse jerked and i lost my ballence and fell off, i landed on my feet mostly so i am not hurt in anyway. The horse stayed with us, and the guid caught him and i got right back on and finished the ride, and it was fine..i was fine and the Guide tim sayed i did a really good job handling it... so i am happy i got the experience that i needed not the experience that i wanted....

the bottem line is everyt experienced horse person falls off a horse sometime, you just have to learn and not let it scare you, a horse is a good and loyal friend and riding is the best exersize that anyone can get... and a fall should not put anyone off riding it is a magnificant activity and you are never alone.. even if you are a long way from anyware you will never alone if you are on a horse..

Love Danyell
danhorse danhorse
22-25, F
Jul 22, 2010