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I Loved My Horses And Now They Are Gone

I have always loved horses as far back as I can remember. My Dad and Mom could never give me one because Dad was in the Air Force and we moved about every two years.
After I met my husband I told him about my love for horses. He promised someday we would have a house in the country and I could have horses. About 11 years ago we had the opportunity to buy a house in the country on five acres. About a year later we bought our first horse. He ended up being a bit stubborn but I loved him anyway. Then probably six months later we bought a young stallion. He took to me right away. He followed me around like he was a puppy dog. We then went to an auction and bought a shetland pony for our adopted daughter. We then had the opportunity to buy a paint mare and she was beautiful but very skinny when we got her. She had already been bred so we were excited about the prospect of having little foal running around in our field. We lost the mare on December 1st that year because we got hit by a bad ice storm and had no power for a week. She was too weak to withstand the cold and we lost her. I cried for two weeks over her. She was so gentle that my granddaughter could play around her legs and she would just stand there and not move. She was a very gentle horse and I wish I could have gotten her a lot sooner so I could have fattened her up before winter hit. All was well for about three or four years. Then my husband's arthritis took over so bad he could hardly walk and when he did walk it was in an almost bent in double position. It really looked painful but he would drag himself to work everyday. Finally we went to an Ortho who thought this was going to be his miracle patient. He replaced both of my husband's hips and the one knee was replaced twice. The hips went ok, they still bother him some, but the knee was such a mess. He has diabetes and they think he just created to much scar tissue and the knee won't bend and straighten like it should. That is why it had to be operated on twice. He also had had his back operated on for two different ruptured disks in his back. The second one went and the doctor told him he was leaving for vacation and he would do the surgery when he got back. He laid in a bed for two weeks unable to walk. He had to get himself to the floor and drag himself to the restroom when he had to go. So by the time he had this surgry the nerve that runs down his leg was damaged. The doctor said it may take years to return to normal. It never did, so he suffered from nerve damge and has what they call a dropped foot. So with all this against him the surgeries didn't do any good. After his knee replacement the Ortho took me to a private room and told me the surgery was not a success and he was not going to operate on the other knee because then he would not be able to walk at all. I left the hospital that night and went home and drank every bit of alchol I could find in the house and cried myself to sleep that night. It was like someone gave me a prison sentence. It hurt so bad to think that life as we knew it was over.
Not long after this we started having problems with deer running through the electric fence and my horses kept getting out. The neighbors started complaining and I just couldn't keep up with this anymore. I tried to sell my horses but at that time the horse market was bad and I had to give them away. I do get to see them occasionally and they look so sad and will not even have anything to do with me. Just makes me so sad. They were my friends!
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My horses loved apples too. They were my best friends. I miss them.

Marji<br />
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Thanks for your kind words. I still to this day miss my horses. They would follow me around like they were puppy dogs. More loyal than some people.