Horse Trailer

Last weekend i finally got a horse trailer. The farrier comes saturday morning to do a trim. Then in the coming weeks i will work with Cricket to learn his habits in loading. I will soon be taking him to the vet to get some needed vet work so i can take him to places that require that paperwork. I am enjoying my new horse. 
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3 Responses Apr 19, 2012

I enjoy trail riding. We own 6 horses and I would like to reduce the herd but it's hard to let them go.

A friend of mine gave him to me. I knew him as a foal. He is an appaloosa. I plan to just trail ride.

Love to hear more about Cricket... breed, age, gender, hight, training and experience, and what you plan to do with him.<br />
All sounds very exciting.<br />
What attracted you to him?

Cricket is an appaloosa gelding. A friend gave him to me so i didn't really get attracted to him per se'. I knew him as a foal. The lady that raised him is a very good friend of mine. I plan to just trail ride which i hope to start doing in about a week. I have to make some trail riding connections is all. I don't think it is a good idea to ride alone especially since i don't know this horse very well yet.