Horses Are Beautiful

I have alays loved horses, they are noble creatures.  I rode from an early age.  My daughter who died two years ago used to have a lot of rescued horses, they were in a sorry state when she got them but she nursed them all back to health.

She had a really cute one called Maxie, he was a Shetland pony, we loved him so, he was bowlegged in the front and knock kneed at the back, he looked hilarious as he galloped around the field with the other horses.

She also had a Shire horse, and I love to remember the day when I rode him on the beach and in the sea.  Unfortunately he had arthritis and eventually spent his last days at the Shire Horse Centre in Maidenhead, where he was loved and cared for.

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7 Responses May 19, 2008

I am sorry for your loss.

I lost my daughter (five minutes after she was born). She never got to even see a horse, but I know I'd be proud of having such a caring daughter as yours, who clearly loved and did so much for her horses.

i rally love my girl

I absolutely love horses i don't own one...yet... as i am only 14 i am so sorry about you daughter and your late horses..

horses are beautiful creatures i am lucky i own an arabian called Gucci she is my girl



wow thats wonderful that seh cared for those horses.i bet they would remember her too.