Natural Horsemanship

:)I don't own horses but would sure love too!! Would love a trip to the usa!
I was taught to ride english, saddle bridle.. bit..flash guard, all that stuff but after 3 years decided, thats not the way to treat a horse.
So i found natural horsemanship :) and spent work experience learning about it..
I began riding horses in halters, bareback.. realizing that everything i usually did with a saddle/bridle, i could easily do with a halter and no saddle!

I think the one thing ive wanted to do is just canter bareback through a field on a horse i have done join up with..
ahh dreams!!
Guys.. check out natural horsemanship!!! :))
Nevaeh2013 Nevaeh2013
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1 Response May 23, 2012

I love horses and i own 4 its so much fun to ride either without saddle and bridle/halter or try barrel patturns with just a halter on u should try it sometime