My Horses

Hey guys. (: um.. i have two horses, i-jin and raven.

i-jin: my first horse (: right on the egde of a horse& a pony, registered paint mare, 15 yrs old, and i got her on 10/1/06.. she did about 3'6 ft jumping with her previous owner& about 2 ft with me.. we also played around with western cuz after all she is a paint, haha (:

raven: 6 yr old tb mare [i guess i have a thing for mares] and ive only had her for a few months.. shes pretty green right now but in training with me riding her once or twice a week. also trying some shows (:

umm... i love em both a lot <333 and idk what else..

eqeventer eqeventer
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 11, 2008

Your girls sound lovely. Best of luck to you.