Can't Lieve Without "equine Beasties", They Keep Me Sane.

Well I grew up a city girl with hardworking "non-horsey" parents on a rather restricted income, if I may say.

So horse riding let alone owning a horse was rather unlikely.
However I had loving parents, so they tried to accommodate.
I went on riding holidays at least once a Year, as a child up until adulthood.

But once adulthood reached there where so many things that kept me away fro horses.
I could never effort regular riding. I was not luck enough to be given an opportunity to keep near horses. Though I truly would have loved too.

Already I was near to giving up on this dream of being with horses. I certainly had dreams, which would re - occur ever so often. These were my most precious dreams. In this dream I always saw myself cantering through endless fields of high growing grass.

Dreams so beautiful have been rare those days. Nightmares and nerve racking dreams filled most nights.
I got to a stage that I had to admit to myself and come to terms with a fact, even now is hard to accept, that I have mental illnesses getting in my way of leading a satisfying life.
Mental health issues have certainly cut my working "career" short.

Just two Years ago married to a loving husband and unemployed for far too long, my mother surprised me with arranging a ride out in Sweden. I was over joyed and so grateful.

Little did I know that this would get me so hooked and addicted, that I would not stop pestering my hubby until he would go out riding with me.

Now we both ride on a regular basis. What more recently I was lucky enough to find a horse for loan, one that my husband could just about afford to pay for.

This is probably one of the best things that happened (still happens) in my live.
Likewhatido Likewhatido
36-40, F
Jan 20, 2013