Now I Am Convinced

She can't just do the normal horsey things like kick , strike, step on my feet or dump me and make me hit the dirt or a wall or even a fence for that matter. That is just too plain normal for her. She has to have an original way of making my life unpleasant.  My Quest wants to drown me. 

I mean, I didn't realize this the first time she threw me in to the river head first. Things happen, right. 

It didn't click the second time either. I thought it's pretty normal for a horse to start running and leaping in the lake the moment I take my feet out of the stirrups to prevent my boots from getting wet in deep water. Yes, I went for dive that time too.   

Her nextt attempt  was a drainage ditch in the middle of  November. I sort of started cluing in then that there are just something strange about it all. 
 I wasn 't even on her that time . She was just getting a drink while i was standing next to her. Next thing I know, I am on the other side of the ditch, laying flat on my belly. That's right! She jumped over the ditch and dragged me through it. Face first of course  . 
  She finally convinced me yesterday.  She got a little excited about seeing another horse run while she had to work and decided to throw in a couple of bucks...right next  to a pond of course. Big splash.... again. Coincidence...i think not!   

Even if I stay away from any natural bodies of water, I still can not feel safe around stock tanks and things like that. Knowing my tricky beast and her devious plan I can expect to be pushed into one of them. 

I am still shaking my head in disbelieve... or maybe just due to all the water in my ears 

What a mare!
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Still finding this story amusing. I must have read it six times.

You obviously have a water horse

Nice story ....T so how do you sort this problem ?

Hehe...there is water everywhere around here. Hmmm.. I could start riding with a bathing suit. I am not sure how that would work in say...November *grin*.

She really likes water. LiquidAmber is right, she's a seahorse!<br />
<br />
Next time you are around a body of water, join in, wear an outfit and shoes that can get wet and dry easily. I've rode a horse that swam across a creek before, its a real unique experience.

Hahahahahaha...that's brilliant, liquidamber. I never thought of that! Thanks for the laugh...hehe.

Sorry to hear you are getting so wet ,but I found the story very entertaining.<br />
<br />
Perhaps in a previous incarnation she was a sea horse!!

Oh dear, Faucon!!! Are you telling me that this is yet another eccentric characteristic of the Appie kind ! ?

*beams* Hello fellow horsey person yourself, Cabcraft . And thank you bcj :) Aren't the really goofy ones the most fun...i know mine is. Now i am going to find your story about Pitchka.

Hi fellow horsey person. Bcj suggested I find you. I don't have horses now, but miss them like mad. We had lots of horses when I was growing up. But 6 of them were our riding horses. I owned Pitchka and Tammy, her filly, and Acerae who was an ex-racehorse was mostly my ride too. <br />
I've written a story on breaking in Pitchka again,after she arrived, as she'd been very badly mishandled. She became my sweetheart, she only trusted me. But I got dumped many a time. She was always skittish, but when I tried to re-introduce her to jumping! She became a little monster! I always had an audience when I rode her in an arena or paddock with jumps or poles lying around. She honestly thought they were evil things trying to drag her into hell! She was a real card! But I loved her. X@

Hehe POE! Yup, she's got my number that mare ;)

Well dang!

Well dang!

Yeah Tasmin, i sort of can't imagine my life without horses anymore. And beach rides are the best! I know i am very blessed with being able to do that.<br />
<br />
Oh wow, Child...that's so awesome!!! I am so excited for you and your son. Horses and a cowboy ;)<br />
You have to keep me updated on...everything ! :)

Brings back memories of my childhood. Thanks for a great story Trail!<br />
<br />
I am excited to start riding again - haven't in 15 years. Our new house comes with 4 horses, a real cowboy to take care of them and riding lessons thrown in for my child.<br />
<br />
I am excited to share something I loved so much as a kid with my son. So far, it appears he likes it as much as I did. Time will tell.<br />
<br />
I'll be looking to you Trail for all the expert advice.

I do miss riding though .. especially on the beach <br />
<br />
*memo to self - must ride on beach sometime soon*

Hahahaha...i can picture it. Probably because something like that happened to me a time or two.<br />
That "Hi Ho Silver" thing only works on TV i think. In real life it only backfires.

Hmmm .. I spose it seemed especially funny to the 'audience' as I was showing off a liitle .. and the plan was to gallop past them something like the Lone Ranger ..<br />
<br />
' Hi Ho Silveeee ..eer.... Yikes!!!

So you expirienced the ditch throw Tasmin. Haha...ooops. *blush*<br />
<br />
I don't know, there is just something funny about seeing a horse unsaddle a rider. Not so funny when you are that rider.<br />
<br />
I was told by an old cowboy once to learn to keep my mouth shut when the horse is acting up. That way you are not drawing any attention to yourself while being thrown ;)

I don't have any horses but I used to ride a lot, my mother has a horse and pony.<br />
<br />
The last time I rode the horse she bucked and I went sailing over her head and landed in a ditch .. much to everyones amusement!<br />
<br />
I still fail to see whats so funny ;(

Very funny and for me educational. I was born, raised and lived most of my life in a city so I know very little about horses except they're beautiful. So it's fun to hear about their unique personalities.<br />
<br />
I do know what it's like to be thrown...once did English saddle riding lessons and fell off 3 out of the 4 lessons.<br />
Your story creates just a whole picture of a lovely different world.

I loved reading this story...when I was younger I was tossed off a horse and never have gotten back on one...they are great to watch from a distance :)

she sounds lovely, i have a mare that will wait until you are in a dried up cornfield, toss you, and then proceed to head for the barn...who says horses arent smart lol

Hi idispair. Sorry to hear you had to give them back. Yes they are all very unique horsonalities. Quest is actually a really great girl. We have been together since she was just a litle filly and the four times she dumped me in the water are nothing compared to the miles and miles of peaceful trail rides, high action cattle roundups, pony rides she give to the kids and hours and hours of just hanging out. She really is an awesome mount and i can ride her anywhere bareback and without a bit. Natural training :) For some reason though every time i fall off of her i land in the water. Falling off is bound to happen when you ride a lot... maybe i should be grateful for the wet but soft landings.

That had to be really hard. The loss of Jool and not knowing where Nobull is. I'm sorry.

sounds like she needs attitude ajustment training..i did a natural horseman course..very expensive but it was thje best thing I ever did..... my horse Nobull...tried every trick in the book to dismount me or not let me ride her from shying at imaginary things to developing a sore foot....a stick fixed that sore foot quick smart....when she started the couse the instructor didnt hold out much hope for her but after the week my grey mare came out top of her class........she had been badly abused and neglected but we loved her and her yard mate so much that we became their pets.. Nobull didnt like anybody else cuddling me or being near me when I was with her and she used to nip them.....she was like a big lap dog..if she could have sat on my lap she would have..she forgot how big she was..........horses have their own personallity........we gave them back to the owners as we were leasing them and the owners statrted getting very demanding and it was costing us a fortune to keep two horses that wernt ours.....Jool died soon after and I dont know where Nobull is..I bet she pined for us.....<br />

Next...well , i think i have very few options here. Ride her with a full scuba gear on at all times..or ride only in the desert ;)

I love it....I really enjoyed this story! Talk about personality, what are you going to do next?

Haha????! I sense a conspiracy here.

Haha!Good one!