I Would Love to Go Horseback R...

I would love to go horseback riding some day.  I love looking at horses and being around them when and if I can.  I don't think I would be scared like I used to be. 
For my 10th birthday, my uncle rented a pony and we had pony rides, I was the only kid that didn't get on it.  (I had overheard my grandma arranging for the pony and she told them that none of the kids were over 100 lbs, but I was, so I thought I would break the pony, but I never told anyone why I wouldn't get on the pony.)
And then for my 12th birthday, I was still on the pony/horse kick and I got riding lessons but when it came to mount the horse, my fear of heights kicked in....I didn't realize horses are that far up. 

But I think now if I had the $$ I would go to a stable and ride a horse no problem.  I stopped being afraid of lots of things since then, or rather, doing things even though I'm afraid.
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I hope you have gotten to ride a horse by now.

Same here... Aren't they just magical. It's a shame you didn't get to ride though.

thats freat that you overcame your fears about that stuff. you really shouldnt be worried that you'll "break the horse" if you think your too big for the horse. just rember that horses are really strong. i have a pony, he only weighs around 800lbs., and my dad weighs around 250 im guessing. my pony could handel that weight no problem. hes also only around 13h. hes not that big but he can handel alot. i hope you find a stabel and have lots of funn riding horses. i truely think that they are one of gods greatest creations

It's SO ODD that I read this story today! My daughter is away at camp this week, and supposed to ride horses for the first time in her life... and she is 10! I won't know until the end of the week if she goes through with it, but I hope so. And I hope you work up the courage to at least sit on an old trail riding mare. You'll wonder what you missed out on if you don't! But I DON'T recommend riding a mule bare-back! Been there, done that! Sweat and stinky hide! YUK!

Horses really are very fun. I am sure there are trails that you can ride, very easy, very placid horses, western saddle. I say go for it!