I Have Three Horsefriends

They live in a paddock near me and they are really lovely! Haha! I can't tell you their names although I do know them, we can call them D, O and B.

D is about 4 I think

O is about 6 I think

B is about 9 I think

D is so sweet he's a proper little star. He has charisma! He has loads and loads of energy. D was there from being a little foal so he has practically always been my horsefriend. I like to see D  regularly. He is almost all black. I used to call him "Shadow". :) :)

O is sooo cheeky! He loves to bite me and D and he is great tho coz D and I wont let him bite us and he 'grins' with his toplip curled right up. I love O. I like to rub him on his shoulder and on side of is face. He likes that too. O makes a lot of noise, he likes to vocalise! :) :)

B is older. He is not as active as the other two, and is not dominant within the group so he often get the last of the attention, grass, or whatever I have brought him. B is calm and quiet, he does not neigh as much as O. He is a sweet horsefriend. :) :)

I do not bring them special treats that would interfere with their diets.

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