The Horse

I idolized horses as a young girl.

I would spend hours daydreaming of them, playing with figurines, reading books, and cutting their pictures out of magazines….

To me horses were as legendary as the unicorn.  I had never seen a real horse first real horse came later, when I was about eight years old.

I lived in a place where I couldn’t have horses. The rocky coastline and mountains that make up my town are not a place where a horse could enjoy living.

Whenever I took a trip to farming area, I always stared at the horses. I loved to see them. Watching them run and move was one of my favorite things. 

One summer as a girl I had a chance to actually see a horse up close. I was so close that I could touch it.

It was on a trip to the country, and I was staying at a friend’s house. Across the fence was a white horse. I loves to watch him though the fence. Every day for hours I would stand by the fence and daydream. I named the horse “Lightning” and pretended that he was mine. I couldn’t imagine anything better then being near Lightning.

Then one day as I was standing by the fence, I had a sudden idea. Why not pick some apples for the horse? I walked over to an apple tree and piled apples into my arms. Then I went back over to where Lightning was. I instantly won a friend! The horse came over to me and began nuzzling me and eating the apple that I bravely held out to him. I was ecstatic. I felt that at last finally, my life-long dream of having a real horse for a friend was coming true.

Then suddenly I heard someone yelling. The owner of the horse was heading towards me. He came over to the fence where I was standing. “Do not give the horse any apples” he said angrily.

I was heartbroken.

For the next week I hid in the bushes near the fence and just watched Lightning.

I knew I would never be able to get too close again.

I never forgot my “first horse.”

I learned to never take a horse for granted.

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

I will definitely look you up if I'm ever there!<br />
<br />
Sounds fun!!!<br />
<br />

Sounds like you really love them...<br />
I like horses too, one of my favorite animals... alongside with dolphins and dogs :)<br />
<br />
If you ever get to estonia, look me up, ill take you horseriding :)