Used to Be Scared

i used to be terrified of horses, but then one of my friends got one and i got really used to them. i was going to get one, but my dad wouldnt let me, which im kinda glad about cos i wouldnt have been able to afford it. i still love horses, there just so cute, and i want to work with animals, so never know, might be looking after horses afterall.
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18-21, F
1 Response Aug 19, 2007

There are MANY places that can use an extra hand even for a few hours per week. In return they might let you ride or take lessons. It is a wonderful way to be around horses w/o having the expense of owning one. When I was young I wanted to ride so much - I started working a a local stable. Mucking, feeding, grooming. Soon I started taking out rides & the rest is history. <br />
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I am lucky to own a beautiful sweet older gelding. He is outside all the time and can come and go into his stall whenever he wishes. He is very happy and healthy with his buddy. Give it a try & call or email some local riding stables or farms. You might find yourself meeting some nice, people & getting to enjoy being around the horses as well. Good Luck !!!