My First Horse

I grew up on a farm in Montana. I always loved horses but I grew up with cows, pigs, birds, donkeys, chickens but not horses. When i was 6 my mom realized my interest in horses. She asked me would i like one and I said yes. She started to invest for my dream horse! His name was Patches. He was the first and only paint horse I've owned he was the best horse anyone could want. I built a big stall with  my dad every day after school. I WAS only 6 so I didn't do much work but I did help. When he turned about 17 we had to let him go cause we could not afford him any longer. I cried for days which turned into weeks on end. We gave him to my aunts Friend who owns a farm herself. She owned that farm herself in Virginia. My mother was kind enough to take me for a visit every month. He was not getting rode very often and i didn't want him to not have a purpose and get rusty. Along with every month i would stay for a week to ride him, teach him new things, and love more and more. All this after he past away made me want another horse. then i got princess. A mustang who had been left to starve in a  pen with no food and very little water. She still has the mark of her past.

hrsegelding921 hrsegelding921
13-15, F
Feb 25, 2010