Hot Afternoon Surprise

My wife and I have been married for a long time, but still enjoy hot sex. We probably have sex in the mornings about 75% of the time, but yesterday afternoon she surprised me.
We had just returned from a day trip when she informed me she was tired and wanted to take a nap. She ******** down to her bra and panties and climbed into bed. Seeing her in her underwear gave me an immediate hard on, but I figured I would give her an hour to sleep before coming in to wake her up to see about dinner and possibly other plans. I had been out watching a movie on TV for almost an hour when my cell phone rang. I saw it was her and answered it only to hear my wife saying in a sexy low voice, "come back to the bedroom." I said okay and hung up the phone.
As I entered the bedroom, she flung the covers back revealing she was totally nude. Upon further inspection, I noticed she was playing with a ***** we sometimes use in our sexual play. She was rubbing that ***** all around and into her ***** with one hand, while the other hand was playing with and pinching her nipples. "I thought you wanted to take a nap," I said to her as I lay down on the bed next to her. "I did, but I got really horny when I lay down in here," She said as she started pulling my shirt over my head and then went for the zipper on my shorts.
Within a few seconds I was naked with a throbbing **** standing at full attention. I directed my attention to her **** with my hand and my tongue on her already juicy wet *****. We then shifted and got into the full 69 position so I could like and tongue her sweet ***** while she began licking and sucking on my engorged member. I love eating her ***** as I can fully explore her and make her moan and writhe while my tongue and lips work there magic on her most sensitive places.
Eventually, we broke that position so that I could slide my glistening **** into her from behind. We ****** like that for several minutes before changing to missionary position so I could lick and suck her ****. When she was getting close to climax, she asked to let her get on top so she could ride me to climax. She mounted me and began grinding against me while I played with her ****. Just as she started to moan loudly, I shot a hot load of *** into her juicy ****.
She collapsed on to my chest for a few minutes with my **** inside of her and we just lay there listening to our breathing slow back to normal. I rolled her off and went down on her soppy wet ***** and enjoyed one awsome cream pie as she moaned and writhed around on the bed. I got her so hot again, that she guided my **** inside her ***** from behind while we were in the spoons position.
I came quickly the second time and the feeling of hot *** in her ***** made her come quickly a second time too.
We dozed off in each other's arms for an hour or so before we decided to get up and shower. We then went out to a very relaxing dinner. I tried to talk her into staying home and eating dinner nude, but she said we should save that for another night in the near future. I can't wait...
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wow ! what a sexy hot generous lover your ***** using wife is . great for you !