Tabasco Habanero Salt

My roommate had some people over today to watch football.  One girl brought ingredients to made a bean soup here, and I saw she had Tabasco Habanero Salt.  OOOH!  I've been wanting to try that but have never seen it at the store.  I tasted it, and it is SO good.  The bean soup she made was so warm and hearty and nourishing, and I topped it with extra Habanero Salt.  I was absolutely in heaven eating that soup, and I told her so.  She gave me the Habanero Salt to keep because I liked it so much and because I gave her bacon and stock for her soup.  I protested -- she gave me delicious soup! -- but she wanted me to have it anyway.  I am so pleased to add it to my spice cabinet. 
PrincessAstrid PrincessAstrid
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2 Responses Oct 2, 2011

Sounds Yummy...though that's nothing compared to this stuff

Something new to try :)

That sounds like something worth looking for. Have you tried wasabi mustard? It's used in Japanese foods and is always served with sushi - very hot!

Oh, yes. Delicious stuff!