Bubble, Bubble..Soaking Away Those Troubles!

I enjoy the feel of the hot water on my skin with the bubbles surrounding me..and the delightful scent of
whichever herbs I have chosen to add.(I love lavender, chamomile,and rosemary.)

Unfortunately, the place I live has a well and I can't take tub baths but only showers...
I can't wait to be able to soak my cares away one of these days!
choctawgrrrl choctawgrrrl
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Lavender, a bottle of white zinfandale, Sade playing softly, exactly 12 lit candles, and enough bubbles stratigically placed til you are ready for my strong hands to begin the slow, intense hunt for your treasures...


Thank you GQ.

I have been working at a camp and I have come to relish the feel of sinking into a hot bath slowly...it is soothing to my soul and so welcome...now to take the time to learn what scents I enjoy in my bath..thank you for sharing grrrl..

Thanks whiskers :)<br />
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Solitary..music makes it even better!! :)<br />
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Girlmc..Lord have mercy you are right..I'll be right over! lol<br />
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Accomplice..I was told by the person I rent from that I needed to be careful with the water..Hmmm..starting to wonder! :)

You can't take a bath because of your well? We have a well and that doesn't stop us!

This was a wonderful story.<br />
Thank you for posting!