A Nice Bath After A Tough Day

Being out in a cold mucky field, and working the fingers to the bone for a pay packet at the end of the week at the age 7, I was picking a half bit and 12 a full bit on a tattie field and other field work throughout the year to help bring money in for likes of school clothes and left over money would be spent on Dundee summer sales, me and my friends were always really chuffed at what we got for our money.

So after a hard days work in the fields going home to a bath was a real treat, felt like the best bath ever cause it relaxed the muscles and revitalised, would beat a shower anytime. Candles in the bath is so nice, with bubbles and all the beauty products at bay.

Always remember when I was a young girl I would make a crown of bubbles on my head and pretend I was a queen. memories.
blurblebuble blurblebuble
36-40, F
Jan 15, 2013