My First Bath.

Growning up as a kid I was more accustomed to showers. I had baths when I was little, but didn't remember them. I always remembered showers.
So one day, when I was the age shy of being a pre-teen, I filled up the bath at my grandma's house. I wanted to try it...
Honestly, I remember feeling weird, I thought:
"Why do people take baths? Swimming in a pool is much funner."
So I sat there trying to understand why people take baths.
Then my Grandmother comes into the bathroom & looks surprised that I was in the bath tub (she has never seen me in a tub since I was a toddler.)
She sticks her hand into the bath water than quickly takes it out, "Brrr!! That's cold!" I didn't believe so, but then she left.
Now I love baths, I don't always take them, but they are a wonderful treat for me.
Sometimes I think about the first time I took a bath, all by myself, & think how silly I was. & how that first bath developed my eventual love for hot bubble baths.
infinie infinie
18-21, F
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