Bubbles, Anyone

I have a jet tub. I love that thing. I like to fill it to the brim with steaming hot water, add a few drops of bubble bath, usually lavender or rose scented, and then turn on the jets. Talk about bubbles. And it is so relaxing. I usually stay there for about two hours. Until the water gets to cool to enjoy. That is my "me time". My favorite time of the day, every chance I get.

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3 Responses Aug 9, 2007

How do the jets work to keep giving hot water?<br />
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I have a spa bath. As long as the jets are on, I have the option to keep the water heated. It will not heat from cold though.

I hate my tub. It is to deep and not long enough and I must change the water a lot inorder to keep it very warm long enough. I have lived in MANY houses and aparatments and been to many good hotels in my life time but t is the same problem everywhere. I would like to have a way to heat the water already in the tub... maybe some kind of recycling thing so that water does not have to be wasted. <br />
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Oh... the Japaneese have done the "Ofuro" for thousands of years. WHY ISN'T it HERE in the U.S.A.?<br />
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P.S. you can't put bubbles in a Ofuro.