What's Better?

If you can even begin to imagine. I love baths soooooooooo much. Ha! I like showers too, but when I take baths I don't have to stand up. I can relax and mellow out. Also great accompanied with candlelight,  some nice music, my bf. And having all three at once is pure bliss. And it really helps cramping during that time of the month too. Sometimes I get so relaxed I don't want to get out of the tub. And some people tell me they read in the tub. Wonder how... all I know is I have the water level filled sky high and chill out. Oh and I have a really nice bath pillow and some little spa jet thingy from Bed Bath & Beyond. My boyfriend got it for me like 5 days ago. Now I like taking baths more than I already did. And Bath & Body Works is the best stuff you can get. mmm... delicious. Talking about it makes me want to take another one. And for aches and pains Epsom Salt really helps. I love bath beads, bath salts, anything that smells great and lets me pamper myself. Ahhh.......

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4 Responses Sep 25, 2007

mmm...i sooo wish i was at home doing that right now

Last year for Christmas I bought my wife one of those spa jets, she lays in the tub for an hour or two, she will drain the water and fill it again with scorching water.

yeah, love it when bath and bod has those sales like 5/$25 on shower gels/bubble baths... then it's like time to stock up. and i walk out of the store with 3 or 4 shopping bags. or better yet over the summer $3. talk about f'ing awesome. almost bought the whole store. my bf even likes it. he's like wow mmm... and goes to town. lol

we better stock up on the bubble bath folks!!