Stress Relief


How to get rid of stress:

Take a nice hard run, and then relax with a Hot chocolate. That is great for getting rid of stress.

Don’t run with the hot chocolate though.  :)

I was stressed out this morning, and went for a run. When I was done running, my stomach hurt so bad and I felt exhausted. So I rested for just a minute…..took a shower…..and then sat back with some cocoa. I’m not stressed anymore…and amazingly my stomach feels better.

I love the hot chocolate packets with little marshmallows.  That's just a preference, not a life or death issue. I like to use a pack of hot chocolate, a cup of water….and a little bit of cream -the kind from the spray can. I’ve always loved hot chocolate in the winter….especially after being outside burning up energy.

Now if I can just finish it without spilling some…..

WARNING: If you are the kind who hates hot chocolate, or if you are allergic to it…..I recommend that you don’t try this.  You might want to try drinking cider instead.

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Gotta love the minnies! <br />
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Oh yeah....a cold night without cocoa just seems lonely.