I will have to say this year my greatest accomplishment in the kitchen is a simple one. I figured out after years of secretly experimenting with ingredients what it is my father does (AND uses) to make his hot cocoa taste so unique. Well I figured it out and have been making it for myself often. I feel as if I have discovered a hidden family secret. It brings me joy to know I will be able to pass the love for this family concoction down to my children and grand children. If anything stands the test of time it is food and the ways we feel when enjoying it. The smells, the sensations, even the images, all of those can encapsulate a moment in time we do not want to forget.

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5 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Can you share how you do your hot chocolate?

Is it cinnamon?

Oh my fellow EPers, this I must keep to myself. =)

If she told us it would not be a secret anymore.<br />
But, if you feel like sharing, we're all ears.

So what's the secret?